INDIVIDUAL PROJECT - SI Internationalization PME

Notice | 17/SI/2016
Beneficiary | Docworld, Lda
Designation of the project | DocWorld fora de portas
Project code | NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-022335
Main Purpose| Promote DOCWORLD products abroad for international recognition.
Region of intervention |NORTE
Total eligible cost | 188.830,00 EUR
Financial support from the European Union | FEDER: 84.973,50 EUR

In order to reach the strategic objectives will be carried out integrated actions in the typologies of organizational innovation and Marketing, namely:

  • Knowledge of foreign markets: Presence in international fairs of the sector with the purpose of exposing their products and creating contacts with potential clients;
  • Presence on the web, through the digital economy: Development of digital marketing campaigns and institutional video in order to increase its notoriety and win the target audience;
  • Development and international promotion of brands: Actions to Promote the brand in the global market;
  • International Marketing: Design of promotional material and Marketing Plan;
  • Introduction of a new method of organization in commercial practices and external relations: Strengthening the Commercial Department and consulting in the international area;
  • The purpose of this project is the promotion of DOCWORLD products abroad to obtain international recognition. The company has been successful at the national level, and intends to rise to the international level and make known to potential foreign customers their unique and differentiated products.



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